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Mar 7, 2014

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Feb 17, 2014

Great Article About Us

The Zandale Center, across Nicholasville Road from Ramsey's, hosts the new Zandale extension of the popular downtown Common Grounds coffee house. And it appears poised to reinvent itself as a specialty destination shopping center and a walkable destination for the densely populated neighborhoods surrounding it. Lori McCreary, the owner of Common Grounds, said she likes the way Zandale's tenant mix is going. "I'm originally from Seattle, and in Seattle we had these pockets everywhere," she said of destination shopping areas that emphasize walkability. "You had this abundance of things you can walk to, when you want to go somewhere and get outdoors. ... It's nice to take care of the area you have and revitalize it. Coffee shops are one of those aspects. It gets you out and meeting your neighbors." Read more here:
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